Commercial Females

Stevenson’s Diamond Dot is one of the largest sources of quality commercial bred females. Heifers are synchronized and AI’d to the top calving ease bulls of the Angus Breed. They are bred to calve in short intervals and sorted into uniform groups.

Sale Features Include

Different sets of heifers AI due in

Some groups of heifers carry sexed pregnancies

F1 Baldy Heifers off of Diamond Dot commercial recipient cows and Holden Line One Hereford Bulls

Natural bred heifers sorted into tight calving intervals from February to April Calving due dates. Exposed to some of the top bulls in the country

Running age proven cows that will go out and raise big, stout calves

Young cows with lots of future ahead of them

Fall sale includes Fall Pairs

Spring Sale includes Fall bred cows

Registration papers available on select groups of females

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